Aug 2016

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Moveable Mess is a boutique creative studio founded by Caitie Brown, a New Yorker living and working in Dublin, Ireland. 


Hello! I'm Caitie, the owner & artist at Moveable Mess, where I specialize in vibrantly illustrated, bespoke stationery and wedding invitations. I draw my inspiration from the sea, the sky, vintage design, and bright colors!

I got my start by designing & fully illustrating wedding invitations and day-of pieces for my little sister's big day. My passion is creating one-of-a-kind stationery that is unique & personal for my clients. My creative services are perfect for clients who desire a unique hand-drawn style. 

Why Moveable Mess?
Inspired by Hemingway's expatriate memoir about his time living in Paris, A Moveable Feast, I created Moveable Mess in 2015 to record my own expat adventures as I moved across the pond and to showcase my designs. The "mess" part comes from my mom who always said "the messier the kid, the happier the kid!" And as an artist, I can say that still holds true for me in adulthood.

Coming soon, I am thrilled to be debuting my ready-made stationery collection!